Get your kid’s drawings out of the box and onto the wall!

Upload your child’s drawing.

We make it pop!

We print and ship to you.

Choose from canvas wraps or archival prints.

Our beautiful canvas wraps are hand stretched, UV coated and archival, so they’ll last a lifetime.
Our gorgeous archival prints are printed on slightly textured heavy weight matte archival watercolor paper.
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How it works.

Take a photo.

Take a clear photo of your child’s artwork with your smartphone. For best results, use simple line art drawings. We cannot convert collages.

Upload the photo.

Click the Get Started button below to upload your photo(s) and make printing selections.

We get to work.

We’ll receive your child’s artwork and create a wonderful pop art reproduction by hand. We then print on either canvas or archival paper. Your choice!

We ship to you.

When the art is complete, we’ll ship it right to your door. Or right to your in-box, if you chose the digital file option.

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Here are the details.

How much?

Each piece of art we create is $85 plus whichever size and printing style you choose. We meticulously digitally recreate your child’s drawing by hand and use our professional artistic sensibilities to create a fun piece of original pop art that gets it out of the box and on to your wall!

Can I see it before I get it?

If you’re concerned about how your art will turn out, there’s no need to worry, we’ll email you a low resolution proof to approve before we send you the final art. If you have any revisions (up to two rounds), we’ll make those changes so you’ll get exactly what you want.

Can I specify dimensions?

We have many options to choose from and hopefully one of our sizes fits your room. If not, email us at and we can make whatever size you need.

Is the art ready to hang?

Yes. And no. If you ordered a canvas wrap, they are ready to hang right out of the box. If you ordered an archival print, that will need to be framed. We like Framebridge for all our framing needs. We will be offering a limited framing option soon!

What kind of prints?

We offer two kinds of prints: 1. canvas wraps and 2. archival paper prints. Our 1.5″ depth canvas wraps look great and are the most convenient as they hang on the wall right out of the box. They are hand stretched, UV coated and archival, so they’ll last a lifetime. Our gorgeous archival paper prints are printed on slightly textured, heavy weight matte archival watercolor paper and can be framed by any number of shops. We like Framebridge a lot. They are very convenient and will send you a self addressed mailing tube to ship your prints to them. Their product and service is definitely top notch too!

Can I specify colors?

Yes! If you are trying to color coordinate with a room and have specific colors in mind, you may upload a photo of the room, as well as specify colors in the Notes section when uploading your photos. Be specific, one person’s light blue is another person’s sea green. If no colors are specified, we will use our artistic sensibilities to select colors that are appropriate to your child’s drawing.

Can I add my child’s signature?

Absolutely! For just $10 more we can add your child’s signature to the bottom of the artwork, just like the masters! It’s easy, upload a clear photo of their signature during the checkout process.

Can Shmooka make modifications?

Yes! Sometimes your kid’s art would look a bit better with a few changes. If you’re ok with us tinkering with it to make it more graphic or have specific direction, let us know in the notes section at time of upload.

How soon can you deliver?

Art takes time, our normal turnaround is up to 2 weeks. If we experience a high volume of orders, we will notify you if your art will be delayed in any way.

Do you ship overseas?

We do not currently ship to countries outside of the United States, BUT, if you’d still like us to create the art, we can provide a high resolution digital version that you can have printed in your own country/city and save on shipping costs. Just select “No” Professional printing at checkout.

What if I’m not satisfied?

We really do want you to be happy with your art. If you are not satisfied with the final art or your prints, please email right away with your concerns.  Any delay in contact may affect our resolution.

What if I’m very satisfied?

We most certainly hope that you are! If so, please share with your friends. We’d love to hear from you too, email

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What kinds of drawings work best?

Simple is better. Doodles or characters tend to be more impactful than full scenes.
Upload only line art drawings made with pencil, pen or marker.
We cannot create pop art from mixed media or collages.

See what’s possible!

Just received the canvas today.
Love, Love, Love!!!!!!

Mary F., Lansdale, PA

“My kid is so proud to see her artwork hanging on the wall!”

Holly G., Denver, CO

“What a great way to cherish pictures!”

Penny B., Chicago, IL

“Great work! I love it!”

Cathrine R., Sydney, Australia

“This is so awesome! What a cool idea!”

Ryan C., San Francisco, CA

“They were a great addition to the kids’ playroom!”

Meegan R., Charleston, SC

“Made a great gift to the grandparents!”

Mike A., Denver, CO

Our story.

I’m a Designer and proud father of a creative little girl whose drawings inspired me to preserve them and help other parents do the same!

It all started when she was 3. The first time Luca “Shmooka” drew a human figure it looked like a cool little alien with spindly legs and a big head, but being the proud dad I am, I framed it. Then there were more, and more, and she got better and more creative. Pretty soon her mind was churning out all sorts of unique drawings and I needed a way to preserve them. I still have boxes full of drawings, but I set aside the best ones, and that’s when it hit me. Let’s make these permanent works of pop art that I can hang on the walls! Now you can too!

Contact us.

If you have a question, email me personally at and I’ll get back to you right away.